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How many times have you seen problems or opportunities for improvement in your workflow and promised to fix them if you only had the time or if you only could train my employees with such expertise?

Unforeseen, undocumented, forgiven, hidden cost of issues like below are bringing your valuations down:

  1. Poorly-understood, legacy framework mostly into excel—dilapidated on unknown, unstated assumptions
  2. Slow process of pupations
  3. Un-scalable models that are difficult to maintain, improve, or extend
  4. Increased pressure, requiring added reporting and enhanced auditing
  5. Lack of in-house research resources
  6. Over-reliance on external novel untested software

QCFin provide solutions for such hurdles, working quickly, properly, and thoroughly to create more value in your employers and firm.

Our company qcfinance.in, Indore also having presence in New York specializes in developing advanced modeling, simulation, data analysis and visualization software for clients across a range of business sectors. Using the MATLAB, R and Simulink suite of numerical analysis software from The MathWorks, together with other technologies such as C++ and VBA, allows us to solve a wide range of design and implementation problems for our clients including risk analysis in active and passive strategies and also risks involved in implementation of HFT.

Leveraging expert knowledge in areas such as computational finance, we have immense experience in delivering customer specific requirements from clients across the nations.

Get support in Research Writing & Back testing. Get trained on Risk engineering & Quantitative finances.

Software Training

In addition to offering consulting services, qcfinance.in consulting prepares customized training courses tailor made to our client’s requirements and areas of expertise. Ranging from fundamental programming techniques to advance and client specific topics, our courses are typically taught in small groups at an online education website which facilitates live sessions. They provide our clients with expertise in the respective domains. Our courses cover modeling, simulation, data analsysis and visualization using MATLAB, Simulink, their associated toolboxes and blocksets, VBA, and R course descriptions can be found on our Services page.

Bloomberg Assessment test Prep

MATLAB/R for Financial Engineering

VBA for Financial Engineering 

Generic Study Group for CFA L1 & FRM L1 Course with Application using VBA and MATLAB:

 Now ask for as low as just one customized  session (1 hour) from qcfinance.in at $20.

Upcoming Courses:

FRM Study Group: FRM Free online classes

Introduction to CMT: Introduction to CMT

Official Blog:


Founded in 2010, qcfinance.in is a Consulting firm based out of Indore. Our staffs comprised almost entirely of full-time company employees, is held to standards of accountability, integrity, creativity, and competence. The dedication, skills and integrity of qcfinance.in staff are key factors to the firm’s success.

We are a team of highly motivated individual who can help you think out of box solutions using Quant techniques developed in academic research and help you in applying them in the market place.

Company Summary

qcfinance.in is a financial analytics & consulting firm with products in valuation, risk and quantitative analysis for Banks, Corporate Treasuries, NBFC’s & other financial institutions. The firm also has robust services vertical addressing high-end challenges in risk modelling, model validation & quantitative analysis.
Main motto is to deliver simplicity, support and research in the complicated financial instruments to our clients.

Quantitative Support

Traders, market makers, fund managers and dealers follow the market and take directional bets, based on an underlying strategy. These professionals might not have the time or resources in-house to validate this strategy in various business cycles and stressed market conditions, and thereby lose the opportunity of evaluating the strategy and making improvements. Our dedicated quant team passes every strategy through complex mathematical rigor and presents quality attribution analysis to clients with quick turnaround times.

Performance of these strategies in various market conditions, their optimality and appropriateness in current markets, their cost/benefit analysis and attribution to market factors needs to be quantified to segregate the best from the rest.


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