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Course Highlights

  • Learn VBA without any programming knowledge
  • Course features 4 live one on one doubt clearing classes
  • 20+ tutorials & 15 tests for concept clarity
  • Class scheduling as per students’ convenience
  • You can ask for customized projects/topics


Course Description

The course is designed in such a way that non-programmers too can easily learn VBA for Data Science Engineering and Modeling. The course is flexible with right mix of data handling, scripting and mathematical skills and contains right balance of theoretical and practical knowledge. The course will cover Financial IQ terms, Quantitative Corporate Finance, Derivatives, Fixed income and portfolio sections of CFA, FRM and BAT.

Key Takeaways

  • Get introduction to quantitative roles in Analytics, Data Science, financial engineering
  • Understand the applicability and use on Bloomberg or Reuters Websites
  • Learn new interpretation and terminologies with examples of real data
  • Know real market happenings and improve your Analytics IQ
  • Get Formula Sheet, study material & unlimited access to class recordings


Here is a myth that this course will burst -> “VBA for Data Engineering requires knowledge of programming”. While programming helps, but is definitely not essential.

Here is how this course helps you:

  • Provide introduction about all Quantitative roles in Investment Banking
  • Sensitization on derivative, Quant Equity corporate IB, fixed income, Monte Carlo
  • Understand the applicability and use on Bloomberg or Reuters Websites (Introduction to tickers, RIC)
  • Learn the new interpretation, terminologies, and learn with the examples with real data to enhance your Data Science-IQ
  • Gain full confidence in Quantitative modelling which can be expanded to any platform
  • Pick knowledge about exams like SQL, SAS etc
  • Improve your chances of passing exams, getting in quantitative profiles
  • Learn with the real recent examples and real cases which are hot in the market

VBA for Financial Modeling & Engineering online course is highly flexible (10-50% Quantitative Finance & 10-50% VBA). It has the right mix of data handling, scripting, mathematical skills and contains right blend of learning and practice (Ratio 6:4). The course will cover:

  • Financial IQ and terms
  • Quantitative Corporate Finance,
  • Derivative,
  • Fixed income,
  • Portfolio sections of CFA, FRM, BAT etc

This online course would be helpful for passing FRM, CFA, BAT exams also helps you prepare for the master level studies in finance or for career advancement / change into the financial industry.


The course package:

  • 10 classes of 2 hour each, total 20 hours are conducted between 3:30 PM GMT to 6:30 PM GMT on weekdays and weekends
  • If you are unable to attend the classes or want to review and revise, you get access to class recordings – unlimited views enabled
  • Formula sheets will be shared
  • Tests and material will be added on-the-go
  • Course is expected to be completed in 1-2 month


Course Structure:

Class No. Topic Class Duration
1 Introduction to Programming on VBA. Comparison with MATLAB, R , SAS, Excel, etc. (2 hrs)
2 Introduction to Quant Corporate Finance: WACC, Beta, Time series, EV/EBITDA screening weighting etc. (2 hrs)
3 Data types, ranges and cell arrays, opening file, Data Handling & Visualization (2 hrs)
4 Logical operators, control flow, data tables, functions, dependencies, joining strings, delimiter and data validation (2 hrs)
5 Distributions, FRM, VAR (2 hrs)
6 Techniques for Handling Missing data (2 hrs)
7 Investment Banking Quant (2 hrs)
8 Data Pulling into Excel (2 hrs)
9 Portfolio Optimization, Black Sholes and Monte Carlo (2 hrs)
10 Econometrics: Multiple Regression and Logistic Regression (2 hrs)


Course Plan From Finance (Divided into following Areas):

  1. Quant Corporate Finance (Investment Banking).
  2. Quant Equity (Equity strategies and indices).
  3. Time Series.
  4. Yield curve / Fixed Income / ABS.
  5. Binomial pricing MC/ Hull white / BS / exotic options KMV.
  6. Portfolio at risk.


From VBA Programming point of view (Divided into following Areas):

  1. Dependencies and removing arrows.
  2. Picking non blank cells.
  3. Selecting sheet and changing color.
  4. Selection vs entire sheet.
  5. For loops, if end if loops, exiting loop, placing end, nestled for loop.
  6. Importing values from another sheet, without opening.
  7. Change manual to automatic formula computation.
  8. Data tables with one and two variables using VBA.
  9. With Command.
  10. Set Command.
  11. := used where?
  12. Selecting cell with specific values.
  13. Data tables.
  14. Combining array in a single cell using delimiter.
  15. type data validation, playing with ranges.
  16. VBA editing of data validation.
  17. playing with string to get the last value.
  18. playing with axis of charts formatting.
  19. Functions with many inputs.
  20. On Error.
  21. Option Explicit others.
  22. Selective clearing arrays rows ranges by . clear command.


Some Key Points about the course:

  1. Requires absolutely no knowledge of programming.
  2. Provide introduction about all Quantitative roles in Investment Banking.
  3. Highly flexible and tailored as per needs of individual (10-50 % Quant Finance & 10-50% VBA).
  4. Sensitization on derivative, Quant Equity corporate IB, fixed income, Monte Carlo.
  5. Feel the same as you while you are on the IB desk.
  6. Examples with real data to enhance your Financial-IQ.
  7. Under the applicability and use on Bloomberg or Reuter Websites (Introduction to tickers, RIC).
  8. Real recent examples and real cases which are hot in the market.
  9. New Interpretation, terminologies, and basic IQ for the subject covered.
  10. Helpful for passing FRM, CFA, BAT exams also prepares for Master level studies in Finance or career change.
  11. Right mix of data handling, scripting, mathematical skills.
  12. Contains right blend of learning and practice (Ratio 6:4).



VBA for Quant Finance / Financial Engineering by Qcfinance.in



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Note: If you miss a scheduled one on one class, then don’t worry, you can reschedule it at your convenient time & the missed class won’t be counted. You may defer a class any number of time. Also, you get life time access to materials which gets constantly updated.


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