SPSS and Excel for Business & Humanities

10 hours 1-on-1 Course on “SPSS and Excel for Business & Humanities”

Topics for the course are below, and I would be willing to change syllabus as needed.

It is 10 hours course: 3 hours excel and 7 hours for SPSS (flexible).

To be completed in 2 months: 6 to 10 meetings – half meetings online and other half onsite.

Excel subjects (3 hours):

  1. Using copy, cut and paste in the excel environment – getting acquainted
  2. Formatting cells and spreadsheets
  3. Functions: statistical, logic
  4. Sorting, Filtering and managing data
  5. Data presentation
  6. Goal seeking, Evaluating alternatives.

SPSS subjects (7 hours):

  1. Combination of files.
  2. Variable and data sheets
  3. Command creation and Output analysis
  4. Transformations: recode; compute, count. Conditioned transformations
  5. Descriptive statistics: Frequencies
  6. Data analysis: Bivariate correlations; t-tests; Chisquare

I would help you to install demo version of SPSS and make you work all programs on your system so that you remember and grasp everything.

Since you work on your system as well, and we can have online classes, we save time.

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