Services: Generic Modeling – Outsource modeling of your financial projections

We are developing presence in New York, for details email us at Consulting can provide assistance with the following generic applications and technologies:

  • Implementing general numerical algorithms.
  • Custom visualization.
  • Data source connectivity.
  • Integrating applications or legacy code written in MATLAB, Simulink, C, VB or VBA.
  • Custom report generation.
  • Auditing Code.
  • Maintaining a directory of quant finance freelancers.
  • Excel Projects.
  • SQL project Outsourcing.


  • KPO/BPO Services – Business process outsourcing and Knowledge process outsourcing
  1. Customized Projects
  2. 1-0n-1 Virtual Offshore Customized Assistance
  3. Virtual Assistant (Quant Finance)
  4. Custom Video Solutions
  5. Directory of QF Freelancers


  • Admission Support
  1. Pre-MFE Support
  2. Pre-CQF Support
  3. Research Publication Support
  4. Quantitative Investment-Pre Course support

Now ask for as low as just one customized session (1 hour) from at $50.

Expertise in implementing your project:

  • Our courses cover modeling, simulation, data analysis and analytics using MATLAB, Simulink, VBA, and R. .
  • Integration of R in your Business Line.
  • Making excel efficient by optimally using VBA.

For clients wishing to ensure the quality of an existing or recently completed in-house application, or wishing to convert prototype code into code suitable for a production environment, Consulting leads customized training courses that are tailored to our client’s area of expertise. Our Courses are based on the financial applications of MATLAB, VBA & R but can be extended/implemented to other areas as well.

Corporate Trainings we provide:

  • Training sessions for MATLAB/VBA/R Online and Onsite (Indore)
  • Consulting and Support for Modeling / Back testing in Quant/Risk
  • Research Report Writing / Proof readings



  • Tremendous Cost Advantage over Peers
  • Dedicated team of individuals with research background
  • Publishes various research regularly at Conferences and Journals
  • Providing support 24 7 where all of the two/three founders available 24 7 365
  • Aggressive in providing more freebies.


Why We?

  • Complete responsibility of the project is on us.
  • We make sure project is complete in due time.
  • Quality is ensured.
  • We don’t take more than 5 projects per month to ensure quality.
  • Person to do the job is chosen by our clients to ensure customer satisfaction & minimizing risks.

Research for startups done in 2012:

Quant ETF

Uploaded by Shivgan on WizIQ Tutorials

FRM MATLAB Risk Management

Uploaded by Shivgan on WizIQ Tutorials


Contact Us:

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