Other Offerings

Apart from the exam prep courses, qcfinance.in has more to offer with some other useful courses.

Here are our offerings:

  • R for Financial Engineering Course – R is mix of MATLAB and SAS if I were to relate to the other 2 tools used in Finance. R is having mix of maths and data handling powers of SAS and given that it is open source it is the best choice for research. R is MATLAB when it comes to syntax. When it comes to data handling it uses RMySQL in the very same way as SAS does. Hence it does things that SAS+MATLAB do for free. SQL has inherent limitations of doing quant computations, and MATLAB is heave and requires too much resources. MATLAB is not very good to deal with SQL at system level. But to start with one needs to also know VBA as for entry level and easy task VBA is preferred.
  • Make Your Brand Online Courses – Outdo your competitors by promoting your business/idea/product online. If this got you wondering about how would you do so, here is the solution! Your website gets traffic only if you know to optimize and enhance your visibility on the search engines. For this you need to learn SEO. This course is designed for the novices who want to create their own websites and increase their website’s online visibility. The course benefits freelancers, online teachers, bloggers, start-ups and those who own small businesses. Get recognized and get maximum hits from the viewers.


Check out this also – http://qcfinance.in/Quant_Interview_v3.pdf


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