1-on-1 BAT Prep (Retired)

Live 6 hours interactive classes!   


 Now also includes an interactive discussion forum to network & interact with other test takers and the instructor.


Course Highlights:

  • Helps to crack BAT Exam that helps you to land a Top Interview.
  • Gives you knowledge about various certification exams like CFA,FRM etc.
  • Get knowledge about latest news & learn various topics of Finance.
  • You get access to recordings, tutorials, tests & LIVE classes.
  • One to One Live 20 hours Interactive Classes.


Course Description:

This is a highly flexible and customized course for all individuals preparing for Bloomberg Assessment Test (BAT). This online course will focus on:

  • Sensitization on derivative, quant, fixed income, portfolio, VAR modelling.
  • Introduction to all features of Bloomberg Terminal.
  • Provide introduction about all profiles in Finance.
  • Right mix of data Analytical, Ethics, Finance concepts.
  • Examples with real data to enhance your IQ (US Municipal Bonds).
  • Under the applicability and use on Bloomberg or Reuters Websites (Introduction to tickers, RIC).
  • Real recent examples and real cases which are hot in the market.
  • New Interpretation, terminologies, and basic IQ for the subject covered.


This course also be helpful for FRM, CFA, and other Finance certification exams and prepares you for career advancement in financial analysis. You can prepare your strategy in terms of time management, right difficulty level, weight-age for topics and other important factors to maximize your score.This course would also be helpful for MBA Finance aspirants.

  • 25 recorded online classes of 20 hours (completed) – LIVE Classes to be scheduled as per convenience.
  • Course can be completed in 1- 2 months depending on how you structure your study.
  • 43 documents.
  • More than 300+ Test Questions.
  • Doubt clearing online classes.


Course Structure (Picking any 6 hours from the below):

Class No. Topic Class Duration
1 Strategy to take Bloomberg Assessment test (1 hrs)
2 & 3 FRA/Corporate/Equity Valuations/Ratios (4 hrs)
4 Investment Banking (2 hrs)
5 Bloomberg terminal (1 hrs)
6 & 7 Bond/Fixed Income Market/ Derivatives (4 hrs)
8 Economics revision/Federal Reserve (2 hrs)
9 Interpreting Market News (2 hrs)
10 Analytical Reasoning (2 hrs)
11 Revision / Extra session (2 hrs)


Here are some Videos of Bloomberg Aptitude Test

(Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) was formerly named the Bloomberg Assessment Test)



BAT (Bloomberg Aptitude Test/ Bloomberg Assesment Test) FULL COURSE


Complete Online BAT Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) 5-5


BAT Analytical & Logical Reasoning Online Course


BAT Chart of the Day Questions







Custom Video Solutions:

In yet another innovation to simplify things for our learners, qcfinance.in has introduced the Custom Video Solutions Options. If a learner has some specific query but don’t have the time to come to live online class, then he/she can ask for custom video solution for the query. qcfinance.in will make a video recording that will be uploaded to YouTube or given directly to the learner in mp4 format for there viewing. A learner can go through the recording as per there convenience. If still doubts exist, he/she can email us  anytime for clarifying them.

Here are some examples of custom video solutions provided by qcfinance.in:


Note: If you miss a scheduled one on one class, then don’t worry, you can reschedule it at your convenient time & the missed class won’t be counted. You may defer a class any number of time. Also, you get life time access to materials which gets constantly updated.


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