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THANKS FOR REGISTERING ON QCFINANCE.IN!! provides online training to our learners in various fields of financial applications as well as preparation for a career in finance.

Links To our Courses/Offerings:

FREE Course (Smaller version of our CFA L1/BAT/MATLAB/VBA course):

This will help you get accustomed to the WizIQ platform better. A demo class can also be scheduled as per convenience. Please contact us for any queries.


Get Access to about 15-25% of material by registering on these courses for FREE!!!

Bloomberg Aptitude Test (requires Registration)

MATLAB For Financial Engineering & Modeling (requires Registration)

VBA For Financial Engineering & Modeling (requires Registration)

Quant Fin Interview Prep (requires Registration)

FRM Part 2 Free Course (Open Access to 25 hours of complete recordings)

Make Your Brand Online Course (requires Registration)

CFT/CMT, Algorithmic Trading & Technical Analysis (requires Registration)


Premium Access / Paid Courses:

Pay Through our PayPal option here –

You will get 100% Access to recordings, tutorials & test links along with 2 live one on one doubt clearing classes!!

Access will be given within 24 hours of the payment.

BAT premium requires approval  (Approved by admin, might take 24 hours)

VBA Premium (Approved by admin, might take 24 hours)

MATLAB for Finance Premium (Approved by admin, might take 24 hours)

CFA Level 2 Premium Course (Approved by admin, might take 24 hours)


One on One Customized Training: believes in personalized touch so that our clients are completely satisfied with our service. In this regard, we offer One on One Customized Training to our clients.

These Training are provided on requests by our clients & are customized according to their individual needs.

The course structure & timings for these training are highly flexible, classes are scheduled as per the convenience of our clients.



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