Learning Elementary MS Access (One on One Course)

Personalized 5 hours of Live interactive classes to help you learn basics of MS Access

Our Approach for MS Access course is individual specific. In this regard, we offer one on one MS ACCESS sessions for better overall preparation. The classes are customized according to the requests made by our students. We can cut short the classes or extend them as per the requirements of our students. This way we can serve them much better.

 Course Fees: $75.

Course Highlights Upon successful completion of this course,  students will be able to:

  • Identify the basic components of an Access database.
  • Build the structure of a database.
  • Manage data in tables.
  • Query a database.
  • Design forms.
  • Generate reports.
  • Streamline data entry and maintain data integrity.
  • Join tables to retrieve data from unrelated tables.
  • Create flexible queries to display specified records, allow for user-determined query,   criteria, and   modify data using queries.
  • Improve forms.
  • Customize reports to organize the displayed information and produce specific print layouts.
  • Share data between Access and other applications.


Language of Instruction: English


Course Description           

Microsoft Access is a powerful visual tool for designing and developing  database  applications. This hands-on course provides experience with the features and functionalities of Microsoft Access. You learn to develop and support robust Access systems, manipulate and query data, develop forms, design sophisticated data analysis reports and upsize Excel spreadsheets.

This course is a basic-level course on MS ACCESS. Anyone who has absolutely no knowledge of MS ACCESS and wants to learn it will find it very useful. The course contains 5 one-on-one live classes of 1 hours each.

In this course, the learner gets an introduction to MS ACCESS and various elementary topics in MS ACCESS.


Course Package:

  • 5 Interactive Live classes (rest, recordings available).
  • 10 PPTs.


Other Details:

  • It is a personalized one-to-one course.
  • Course starts within a week of enrollment.
  • Free download access for course content and class recordings.


Why should you enroll in this course?

  • Provides details about MS ACCESS.
  • Highly flexible and tailored as per needs of individual.
  • Gain confidence in MS ACCESS which will add to your profile.
  • Examples with real data to enhance your IQ.
  • Contains right blend of learning and practice (Ratio 6:4).
  • Real recent examples and real cases.
  • New interpretation, terminologies, and basic IQ for the subject covered.


 You Will Learn How To:

  • Develop and support robust applications to query data, create forms and design reports
  • Build applications with Form, Table, Report and Query wizards
  • Create and integrate macros into your applications
  • Implement advanced Access reporting features
  • Migrate to a server for multiuser accessibility


How this course will benefit you?

  • Adding to the profile by learning MS ACCESS.
  • Base for learning advanced MS ACCESS.
  • Perfect platform for launching a career in MS ACCESS.


Who Should Attend

Anyone who needs to manipulate, analyze or report on organizational data.


Course Structure:

Class No.


Class Duration


Introduction – Database Concepts, Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports

30 min


Opening & Saving Database Files – Creating Tables, Table Design, Entering Data, Importing Data

1 hour


Creating Queries – SQL Statements, Setting Relationship, Using Wizards

2 hours


Creating Forms – GUI, Form

1 hour


Creating Printing Reports

1.5 hours


VBA Commands

2 hours


Revision/Doubt Clearing

30 min.

Note: *Mix can be changed as requirements

Custom Video Solutions: In yet another innovation to simplify things for our learners, qcfinance.in has introduced the Custom Video Solutions Options. If a learner has some specific query but don’t have the time to come to live online class, then he/she can ask for custom video solution for the query. qcfinance.in will make a video recording that will be uploaded to YouTube or given directly to the learner in mp4 format for there viewing. A learner can go through the recording as per there convenience. If still doubts exist, he/she can email us  anytime for clarifying them.    

Note: If you miss a scheduled one on one class, then don’t worry, you can reschedule it at your convenient time & the missed class won’t be counted. You may defer a class any number of time. Also, you get life time access to materials which gets constantly updated.


About the Teacher:

  • Prashant- Prashant holds B.E.(Computer Engineering) from Atmiya College of Engineering and Technology, Rajkot (Gujarat, India) in 2006 with score 69.87% and M.E.(Computer Engineering) from L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India) in 2012 with score 7.99. He also have 5 years of experience in software industry experience in which he developed many Desktop Software as well as Websites. He is currently in the field of teaching for almost 3 years and teaches C/C++, Core Java, Advance Java, .NET, PHP, Visual Basic 6.0, MS access and many more.


Frequently Asked Questions: http://qcfinance.in/FAQ.pdf

Contact Us: info@qcfinance.in

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