Latex Conversion for Books

Need to convert one of your Word or Open Office documents to LaTex in order to publish a paper or a book? Now offers to handle the full conversion process for you so that you can just send the resulting LaTex file to a publisher. It’s really simple: send us your .doc, .docx or .odt file and you will get back a .tex file that you can use in your LaTex environment.


For any reseacher or publisher Latex is the most important tool, for all MS / PhD Students who want to deal with big thesis Latex is the only solution.It used to write book of several 100’s of page and create links – auto update figures index and images.

LaTeX is essentially a markup language. Content is written in plain text and can be annotated with various ‘commands’ that describe how certain elements should be displayed. The LaTeX interpreter reads in a LaTeX marked-up file, renders the content into a document and dumps it a new file.

Advantages of LaTeX :

  • Professionally crafted layouts are available, which make a document really look as if “printed.”
  • The typesetting of mathematical formulae is supported in a convenient way.
  • Users only need to learn a few easy-to-understand commands that specify the logical structure of  a document. They almost never need to tinker with the actual layout of the document.
  • Even complex structures such as footnotes, references, table of contents, and bibliographies can be generated easily.
  • Free add-on packages exist for many typographical tasks not directly supported by basic LaTEX. For example, packages are available to include PostScript graphics or to typeset bibliographies conforming to exact standards.
  • LaTeX encourages authors to write well-structured texts, because this is how LaTEX works—by specifying structure.TEX, the formatting engine of LaTeX 2E , is highly portable and free. Therefore the system runs on almost any hardware platform available.

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Learning Online Course on Basic Latex

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