KPO/BPO Services

KPO/BPO Services


Qcfinance provide two services based on complexity and requirement of our clients

Outsource automation and maintenance with complete technology transfer. We provide automation and video tutorial for your company.

Virtual Assistant (VA) Quant Finance

Instead of spending a lot of time, effort, and money on in-house staffers, you can make efficient use of your resources. You can eliminate the aspects of the business you don’t need without sacrificing the quality of the work or the efficiency of your processes. can provide the professionals you need if you’re planning to go virtual for your business’ office jobs.


Why Us?

  • Competence – Our company hires highly qualified virtual assistants for your business. Our talents are knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced.
  • Convenience – Hiring virtual assistants enables you to have highly skilled professionals accomplishing a specific type of job.
  • Cost Efficiency – Virtual assistants are more cost-efficient than in-house staff. You only pay for the time, skill, or service you actually use. Because they render their services remotely, you don’t have to provide them with equipment and office space. Hiring virtual assistants also don’t require taxes, IRS reporting, and other regular employee benefits.
  • Complete responsibility of the project is on us.
  • We make sure project is complete in due time.
  • Quality is ensured.
  • We don’t take more than 5 projects per month to ensure quality.
  • Person to do the job is chosen by our clients to ensure customer satisfaction & minimizing risks.

Why Virtual Assistant (VA)?

-Drastically brings down the cost, no need to pay for taxes & insurance.

-Eliminates the need for an office space, or infrastructure.

-Updated knowledge of software and communication technologies.

-VA can fill the resource gap created by the non availability of skilled resources locally.

-Flexible enough to work according to their client timings, time zone difference won’t matter.

-Works from supervised professional office. trains it’s VA to work on the following task for Quant finance roles:

  • Skills: Basic Finance, Excel, Quant, MSword, VBA-macros, News in finance, Markets, SEO.
  • Accounting and finance management: Understanding your Portfolio, sending you customized news of your portfolio.
  • Executive Assistance: Replying relevant emails linked to the account, calendar build up.
  • Concierge Services: Customized reminders (linked with Google calendar),Database building (updating email or contact lists on your shared excel)
  • Online Research: SEO of your website, collecting links, other research related to your work.
  • Marketing: emailing teachers / students.
  • Makeover: Proofreading, updating your excel files, updating your articles, converting your ideas into blog articles, video editing, audio book publishing.
  • Manage your Blog- Publish posts on your Blog (content may or may not provided).

Virtual Assistants can apply to

If you are looking for a Virtual Assistant for quant finance roles, Please contact us.


One-on-One Virtual Offshore Customized Assistance

Virtual Quantitative Finance Analyst is an idea that has come into place recently. We are a team of active researchers in Quant Finance and are available for full time projects and provide our services at full time with round the clock and seven days connectivity.

You can get SQL, SAS, VBA, MATLAB, R, even Excel process outsourced.

One on One Customized Virtual Offshore Assistance: tries to give more personalized approach for the training/assistance given to our clients, in this regard, we offer one on one customized Project Assistance catering to the needs of our clients. Two demo sessions are provided on request so that our clients can be more familiar to the online training platform & the approach we take to help our clients in their projects. These modules are highly customized as per the needs.

We offer 1 on 1 virtual assistance and courses in following areas:

1. VBA for financial engineering/modeling.

2. MATLAB for financial engineering/modeling.

3. Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) prep.

4. Other areas of finance/financial engg./modeling (on request).

Our individual based approach has helped many clients in the past who are associated with the field of finance.

Billing Options: Our billing options are quite flexible based on number of hours, project, number of analyst, duration, and other custom models based on the requirements of our clients. We require our clients to pay through 

Target customers: Hedge Funds, VBA Developers, Quant Trading strategy desk, Quant Risk team.

Option of full time, weekend support, part-time Quantitative Virtual Finance Analyst.


Contact Us:

Skype Id: qcfinancein

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