We are a group of seasoned tutor and have connections and linkages to a good network in USA and India to get the best outcome to the learners globally. I have tutoring network and tutored in New York city, New Delhi, Tel Aviv, other. One of our volunteer can reach you after your job at Manhattan in the evening.

Our meetup theme is centered around projects, for example, your financial portfolio or even themes you are doing at work. This is very different from the repetitive courses given by other tutors with a fixed syllabus.


Some Video Tutorials:


  • Which Platform is used to provide online training?

Ans: Currently we are using the platform of Wiziq.com. It consists of both live classes as well as recorded classes.


  • Currently I can find which courses?

Ans: There are following courses available (along with their links):

  1. CFT/CMT & Algorithmic Trading – http://www.wiziq.com/course/32377-cft-cmt-and-algorithmic-trading
  2. Make Your Brand Online – http://www.wiziq.com/course/23305-make-your-brand-online-by-website-building-video-making-google-tool
  3. VBA for financial modeling – http://www.wiziq.com/course/19620-vba-for-financial-engineering-and-modeling
  4. MATLAB for financial modeling – http://www.wiziq.com/course/7225-matlab-for-financial-engineering
  5. Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) Test prep – http://www.wiziq.com/course/7526-bloomberg-assessment-test-bat-exam-prep

Also, if you want to cover some specific areas related to finance, than we also offer customized one on one courses as well.

  • Are the courses live or recorded?

Ans: All courses are about 30-40% live & 60-70% recorded. Introductory classes & doubt clearing classes can be scheduled as per convenience.

  • Is the option for one on one class available?

Ans: Yes, you can ask for one on one class & classes can be scheduled as per convenience.

  • How much time can I access the course once I register for it?

Ans: Lifetime.

  • What things I get after registration?

Ans: You get access to class recordings, online tests, tutorials along with live Introductory class & doubt clearing class as per convenience.

  • Is there a free course available so that I can get accustomed to the teaching platform?

Ans: Yes, you can try out this course (a shorter version) – http://www.wiziq.com/course/708-CFA-Classes-Discussions-Study-Group-for-Self-Prep

  • Can I get a sneak peak of the courses?

Ans: http://stockcreditfinancecfa.blogspot.in/2013/04/sneak-peek-of-wiziq-courses.html

  • What is the Price for learning a customized Topic?

Ans: The Pricing for learning a customized topic is $20/class.

  • What is the Price for learning a topic included in the course?

Ans: The Pricing for learning a customized topic is $15/class.

  • What is the Price for a doubt clearing/Revision class?

Ans: The doubt clearing/revision class will be completely free.

  • When will be the classes scheduled?

Ans: The classes will be scheduled as per the convenience of our learners.

  • Cancelling of class?

Ans: A class can be cancelled at the request of the learner or (sometimes) the unavailability of the teacher (due to some occupation).

  • How many classes are provided within the course itself?

Ans: When you join a course, it contains of recordings, materials & test links. You get 4 live one on one classes for any specific topic you want to learn or doubt clearing.

  • How the Payment is made?

Ans: A learner can make the payment through PayPal by providing the email id with which he/she is registered with PayPal. A request for payment will be sent to you.

  • How much time I can take to make the payment?

Ans: Please complete the payment process before the second class (of the requested classes).

  • How will I keep the record of the topics & progress?

Ans: Qcfinance.in will make a shared doc (shared with all relevant people including the learner) to keep the record of the progress & topics learnt or requested.

  • After making the payment, how much time I have to cover all topics?

Ans: Qcfinance.in requests you to complete all the topics within 1 or 2 months by getting classes scheduled otherwise your payment gets expired.

  • About customized projects.

Ans: Customized requests/projects are made by our learners & teachers work on them as per requests. It can take some time to schedule class for customized requests as our teachers have to prepare the content for the same.

  • Deferring classes?

Ans: A learner can request to defer class due to some emergency similarly a teacher can defer class due to some personal reason. In that case, a learner will be.

  • Can I view the class recording?

Ans: Yes, every class is recorded, so after few hours of class, you can view the recordings at wizIQ.

  • How many times a class can be deferred?

Ans: A learner can differ the class 2 times (for every class), similarly for the teacher (we keep flexibility in classes).

  • Refund.

Ans: If a learner is not able to attend live classes due to some reason, qcfinance.in will make customized video solutions for the same, but if he/she is not happy, a learner can ask for refund & by deducting the processing amount, qcfinance.in will return the money to the learner.

  • Any email id where I can contact?

Ans: info@qcfinance.in


FAQ for Teachers

  • How will the class be conducted, in group or individual training?

Ans: We try to provide individual attention to our learners; hence the classes are conducted as one-on-one training. Sometimes though, there may be more than one learner in a class.


  • How does a flexible working hour work?

Ans: The classes are scheduled according to the convenience of both teacher and learner. Timings are thus flexible.


  • How many hours a week I need to dedicate for classes?

Ans: The classes are scheduled according the needs of our learners, thus we schedule classes whenever they ask for it. Generally, a teacher has to spend about 3-4 hours in a week for classes.


  • Who decides the curriculum, do you have some guidelines and assignments?

Ans: The curriculum is decided by us well in advance & will be communicated to our teachers, but there may be some customized requests for certain topics to be taught by our learners which we may approve & thus teachers have to prepare them for it.


  • What level of teaching do you require

Ans: We require Basic level teaching.


  • What are the working hours?

Ans: There are no fixed working hours, working hours are decided according to the requirements & requests of our learners, we email/communicate with our teachers well in advance so that they remain prepared.


  • Which platform do you use for online tutoring?

Ans: We are currently using – wiziq.com  for online training.



Contact Us: info@qcfinance.in

Skype Id: qcfinancein

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