For Virtual Assistants

Assisting in Virtual Classroom

In this work, you have to attend classes and help the teacher take the online class.

  1. You have to search and get the status of the student – is he/she a  free student or a paid one, when did he/she register, which course is he/she in, and get his/her email from the online data from this site – (for this you have to learn wordpress with the videos we have made).

  2. The classes are with students abroad/Indian and you have to inform and get confirmation from both teachers and student.

  3. If the class breaks in between from either side, then you have to email the person to check out if things are going good. In case it is broken from teacher’s side, then you will be called and told what to do next.

  4. System often hangs and restarts so you have to be there and ask the student to wait. If there is electricity cutoff  than you have to tell the student to wait for 10 minutes and you will be informed of next step by a call.

  5. You have to check if the audio is working fine / screen sharing is working fine in the class.

  6. After the class is over email the student the notes for the class and ask him/her for the next time to be scheduled for the class.

  7. Get the next time and check Shivgan’s calendar to fit in the preferred time, Shivgan’s calendar will have Shivgan’s timings of office you can give the free slots available from there.

  8. Depending on whether the student is free or paid you have to focus on what tutorials you can provide.

  9. For each student who is registered you have to make sure he is able to use the courseware at and access for the premium page.

  10. Share all communication of students into a shared file with godcs – student & qcfinance team.

  11. For every communication with the student, you have to inform us in advance & keep both Shivgan ( & Arpit ( in your email. You will not proceed unless one of them give you the permission for it.
  12. Keeping Learners/Students happy is the most important task for any VA/Freelancer associated with


Engaging Student for the teacher

  1. Get in the class 5 min before the class starts.

  2. Teacher or student are allowed to be late and they might be late.

  3. If teacher is late talk to student if he was able to access content, is this timings good, any problem he faced in accessing and other non technical things (engage him/her till teacher arrives).

  4. If teacher get disconnected tell the student that teacher will be back in some time (again engage him/her).

  5. Email student after the class and before the class, after the class ask him if he needs any help & before ask him to confirm his attendance.

Emailing class links to registrants of

  1. To get the emails of free registrations who come from we have to open wordpress and search his/her email (chk the video for that).
  2. You have to get the email & thus send him/her our standard email (provided to you in Gdocs).
  3. You have to keep in touch with our registrants & ask them if we can register a demo class for him/her.
  4. Engage them in a decent behavior (they should be given there privacy & right to take there own decision, we cannot force them).


Types of Classes

  1. Free Class – every weekend – we can relax a bit in these classes (the above rules can be bit relaxed in these classes, but still engaging learners is the job).

  2. Paid Classes – adhoc as requested by students – these are paid classes (most important types of classes, you have to take these classes very seriously, none of the paid learners of should get disappointed with our service/unprofessional behavior).

  3. You have to check if there are registrations in the free classes and attend only if there are registrations.


Premium account handling (Weekly Task) 


  1. Premium Registrations – Ask them to pay via paypal or ask them to register on the wiziq course.
  2. For Paid members give them access to premium content.
  3. A registrant for Wiziq course directly gets access to the premium content, so our task is to provide him that.




Citation building work

  1. Training: 3-5 hours (not billable).
  2. Work: 50-250 hrs (billable at 100 rs per hour).
  3. There is reference building work, for that you have to learn citation building techniques and a software called Zotero.
  4. Once you learn the software and do it properly you will be given data entry work by Arpit.
  5. Please Chek out:


  • We need References on:
  1. PE (Private Equity) between India – Israel Business relations focusing on defense and general.
  2. Around 30 more on trade – esp free trade and effects.
  3. Defense 30 more references.
  • Other points:
  1. You dont need to add the plugin on word, you can do it using the software and send us the file in the zotero extension.
  2. Software we use: Zotero | Home.

WordPress Developer Required

  1. Training: 2-3 hours (not billable).
  2. Volumes: 50-250 hours of billable work (billable at 100 rs per hour).
  3. Updating and not programming – does not require any wordpress knowledge.
  4. We need help on some simple wordpress related work, the tutorials on how to do tasks, are made and are uploaded on YouTube.
  5. These are very simple task and one has to just follow what is recorded in the training video.


The work we need help in are:

  • Audio plugin folder updates.

  • Updating web pages – language and formatting.

  • Removing hyperlink from the the pages.

  • Making contact us form (5-10 types).

  • Searching for emails in wordpress plugin that registers students.

  • Using mass email plugin for sending messages to students of US.

  • Making premium account for the user – method documented.

  • adding SEO inputs for the pages.

Other Work To Be Completed

  • Updating Youtube Channel for keywords/heading.
  • Adding seo keyword title.
  • Creating and changing account type for students.
  • Updating links to audio plugin.
  • Adding pages to menu.
  • Proof reading and editing pages.
  • Making Contact us Forums.
  • Uploading file on the server.
  • Live Chat box – Whenever anyone one from the team is online and there is someone who comes from live chat then he/she should email the team and talk with the student. Whoever is online can email team that he is going to talk with the student.




  1. Email Management/Filtering – replying based on templates.
  2. Booking appointments with clients – paid customers.
  3. Following up with clients/customers – feedback n support.
  4. Calendar Management – make sure we can get time which suits both.
  5. File Management (organizing files using Google Drive).
  6. Research on certain topics for blog posts, newsletters or other.
  7. Manage Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube).
  8. Data analysis/entry into Excel, Word or other programs.
  9. Research using the Internet or other information databases.
  10. Outbound emails to clients, vendors or others.
  11. Travel planning and coordination.
  12. Email management.
  13. Other miscellaneous tasks that can be performed online.
  14. Must be accessible.

QcFinance trains it’s VA to work on the following task for quant finance roles:

  • Skills: Excel, word, macros, acquainted with news in finance, markets.
  • Accounting and finance management: Understanding your Portfolio, send you customized news of your portfolio.
  • Executive Assistance: Replying relevant emails linked to the account, calendar build up.
  • Concierge Services: Customized reminders (linked with Google calendar),Database building (updating email or contact lists on your shared excel).
  • Online Research: SEO, collecting links, other research.
  • Marketing: emailing teachers / students.
  • Makeover: Proofreading, updating your excel files.
  • Manage your Blog- Publish posts on your Blog (content may or may not provided).


Technical Analyst


We would request you to install following software which will be required for work:

1. Teamviewer.


3. MathType –

4. Skype.

5. Zotero / Latex

6. Any HTML / I am using the old Coffee Cup

7. Foxit PDF editor.

Business Research work


  • We have reference making work to do.
  • Would request to you to download a software named ZOTERO, it’s a reference making software where you just fill the details & get the reference in a format.
  • Please try to learn that, we will give you sample 4-5 links to convert it into references, if you are able to do it, we will transfer the project to you & other works.




  1. Payment will be hourly –  Rs 100 per hour.
  2. We with our partners publish research reports on financial engineering topics.
  3. Topics include quant corp fin.
  4. We help researchers in quant finance to write articles and publish work.
  5. You can take a project and u will get advance from 2nd project onward.
  6. Current Projects: Defense Investment BN


Some conventions to follow:

  1. make changes in red
  2. Rename the version to a greater number, means if it was named v1 then update it to v2.
  3. Send all emails copied both to Shivgan ( & Arpit (





Contact Us:

Skype Id: qcfinancein

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