For Instructors is looking for more Instructors/Trainers in the field of finance.

We are looking for Instructors in Following areas:

  • MATLAB for financial Engineering.
  • VBA for financial Engineering.
  • Bloomberg Aptitude Test.
  • CFA (All Levels).
  • FRM (All Levels).

Interested Persons can contact at

You will have to go through some tests so that we are able to judge you better.

Payment will be made on hourly basis of Training provided to our clients. will train you on using online teaching platforms & will provide you with the content. doesn’t charge any commission to instructors. You will get all the money our clients pay, but in exchange you have to work for for 10-15 hours per month on variety of work like online recordings or material development or others.


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Contact Us:

Skype Id: qcfinancein

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