Excel/VBA to Google Sheets GAP (Google App Script)

Excel/VBA to Google Sheets GAP (Google App Script)

Can you run macros on Google Sheets?

You can run macros in Google Sheets, as long as they’re written in Google Apps Script, a JavaScript-based language built into Google Apps.

You cannot directly run Excel macros in Google Sheets. Although, You can rewrite the scripts in Google Apps Script.

From VBA to Google Apps Script

Qcfinance Provide migration services and training to move from MS Excel to Google Sheets and convert all functions/sub to GAC.

 Check out the latest file at: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1LuT7UkYt1fWVgqFYl0bv3-yTyC7ngLZHAEcTJNG0mYE/edit?usp=sharing

Excel Files lying on HDD then syncronized

Google Sheet on cloud – parallely editable

Code for Automation usnig VBA in Excel. Cannot run macro on Android

GAC / javascript for automation. Can run macro on any android device

R/MATLAB/Python used locally

API used to run Python – R also developed

VBA used to create pdf, folder, move files on local HDD (less robust). Local SQL

GAC used to create, move files and folder on google drive (more robust). SQL Cloud

Power point Slides can import charts

Google slides can import charts

Data Tables present,

No Data tables

Cloud Engineering & Changing of Investment Analytics

VBA vs Google Sheet programming and Automation – evolving landscape
Batch file / Command line – simultaneous editing of tens of thousands of files on Google drive
Access the spreadsheet and run macro on any device
Cloud compiling and parallel editing of data – Code to be compiled and parallely on the cloud
Scraping of Data from Internet (Like Factset S&P) and putting it on Cloud or using Google finance or apps
Automation and Volatility trading  – changing volatility and portfolio balancing

Is your company  switching from Office to Google Docs?

Customer 1: I had this (several) code I want to use in Google Spreadsheets but I have no idea on how to do that.

Customer 2: Had great problems when I wrote about starting my effort to convert a complex VBA project to Google Apps Script. Just wanted to emulate a few VBA functions and do a little tweaking.

  • Migrating Excel VBA Macros to Google Sheets/Apps Script: Data reshaping in columns and rows.
  • One of the things to remember when moving from the Excel to the Google Sheets is that:
  • Every interaction you make with a spreadsheet comes with a performance hit.
  • Also Apps Script has a 5-10 minute execution limit and other quotas to consider.

We provide official automation services on Excel VBA Python SQL R.

Automation is the next biggest revolution, legacy methods if not replaced by automation will reduce the productivity of the firm which might even lead to extinction.

Our can reduce a lot of manual work and use lot of Excel Analytics features, our clients have reduced work by upto 50-70% which helped me focus on their product and other value addition to their core business.

Get more hours from your employees and more robust analytical framework!

Please contact me for more details about various processes that we can automate.

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