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qcfinance.in prepares its learners in various finance related programs. Crack these tests with the help of qcfinance.in, we believe in offering personalized touch to each of our learners. You can ask for one on one learning from qcfinance.in.


Now ask for as low as just one customized  session (1 hour) from qcfinance.in at $20.


Here are our offerings:

  • FRM Part II Online Courses Free – Financial risk management exam focuses on qualitative aspects of Credit Market and Operational Risk. In my audio course I have tried to cover all aspects for the exam. The FRM part 2 curriculum is has many topics where qualitative aspects of the syllabus.
  • CFA L2 Free Online Course – While the Level I exam focused on the basic knowledge and comprehension of tools and concepts of investment valuation, Level II is all about the application of these concepts. Level II goes more in-depth into investment management and portfolio concepts, and tests your ability to apply these concepts to real-life scenarios.
  • CMT Level1 Course – We have two divisions in it. A one day Introductory course & complete CMT Level 1 Prep Course. A learner can join the introductory course & can then decide to join for complete course or not. The course would be taken by an affiliated faculty with qcfinance.in.
  • CFT/CMT andAlgortithmic Trading Course – If you are a finance professional and looking for a certification that might help you to chart your career course, then this course is for you. When it comes to developing technical analysis and charting skills, the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) certification is where it’s at. It aims to develop a technical analysis as well as professional analytical skills.


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Custom Video Solutions:

In yet another innovation to simplify things for our learners, qcfinance.in has introduced the Custom Video Solutions Options. If a learner has some specific query but don’t have the time to come to live online class, then he/she can ask for custom video solution for the query. qcfinance.in will make a video recording that will be uploaded to YouTube or given directly to the learner in mp4 format for there viewing. A learner can go through the recording as per there convenience. If still doubts exist, he/she can email us  anytime for clarifying them.

Here are some examples of custom video solutions provided by qcfinance.in:


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