Directory of QF Freelancers

Directory of Quant finance freelancers

As part of acting a medium between the companies requiring freelancers for Quant Finance roles & Freelancers looking for working in this area & looking for good projects, maintains a library of freelancers that are looking for this role & trains them for same. Companies looking for such freelancers can contact us & we would be happy to help. Our library is getting expanded each passing day & we are looking for more expansion.


Why Freelancers?

  • Drastically brings down the cost, no need to pay for taxes & insurance.
  • Eliminates the need for an office space, or infrastructure.
  • Updated knowledge of software and communication technologies.
  • VA can fill the resource gap created by the non availability of skilled resources locally.
  • Flexible enough to work according to their client timings, time zone difference won’t matter.
  • Works from supervised professional office. trains it’s Freelancers to work on the following task for Quant finance roles:

  • Skills: Basic Finance, Excel, Quant, MSword, VBA-macros, News in finance, Markets, SEO.
  • Accounting and finance management: Understanding your Portfolio, sending you customized news of your portfolio.
  • Executive Assistance: Replying relevant emails linked to the account, calendar build up.
  • Concierge Services: Customized reminders (linked with Google calendar),Database building (updating email or contact lists on your shared excel)
  • Online Research: SEO of your website, collecting links, other research related to your work.
  • Marketing: emailing teachers / students.
  • Makeover: Proofreading, updating your excel files, updating your articles, converting your ideas into blog articles, video editing, audio book publishing.
  • Manage your Blog- Publish posts on your Blog (content may or may not provided).


Freelancers who want to apply for quant finance role can fill this form & send to

Virtual Assistant Quant Finance


Companies looking for quant finance freelancers can contact us as well as those freelancers looking for work in this field at

Contact Us:

Skype Id: qcfinancein

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