Case Studies

Some of the case studies of the projects taken by from it’s clients:

  • Excel Addin Development – Delivered addin for CA.
  • MATLAB integration with SQL and Yahoo servers.
  • Monte Carlo Simulation on MATLAB and VBA.
  • Volatility Modeling in MATLAB using Heston Model.
  • Individual query in Excel – “I just have a question for excel and thought to ask you because you might know the answer. I have an excel with some data (text, numbers, links to another sheet in the workbook) which I update every week.  The excel has a VBA code and data validation rules to enable my code to run correctly.  I am sharing this excel file with my colleagues to enter their inputs every week.  It has happened a couple of times that the file is being corrupted. (I am able to recover the excel since i have back up previous versions).  When the file is corrupted it seems that my code doesn’t run and it seems that there is loss of data.  I know that the other people can not access my code and i am wondering why i have this problem. Could it happen because someone breaks the data validation?  I try to find a way to secure my file but I don’t know what caused this corruption. Any suggestion? Thanks for your help.
  • Customized Topics in Excel/VBA  – Xlstat, executing different formulae, F distribution, Probability, Correlation , Cluster Analysis , Factor Analysis, segmentation models.
  • Customized topics in MATLAB – Pearson’s correlation analysis between various stocks, portfolios, markets, How to upload data from data sets, how to use bonds with MATLAB, pairs trading.
  • Implementation of financial models, like Black Scholes, Monte Carlo Simulations, Kalman Filter and pricing other derivatives. Financial Toolbox –
  • Handling large data sets, writing scripts to clean data, run correlations, multiple regression.
  • Handling live streaming data, event driven programming –
  • GUI development.
  • Curve Fitting and Optimization –
  • Exponential smoothing distribution,  hypothesis testing, normal distribution and other continuous distributions as well as t-test for difference between two means with unequal variances.
  • Commodity markets, Derivatives, Commodity exchanges, Pricing of futures, Basic principles related to trading, Fundamental approach to price analysis of commodities, Technical approach to price analysis of commodities, Trading strategies, Functioning and regulation of exchanges, Process flow of a transaction on the exchange, Underlying markets in commodities.
  • Xlstat, executing different formulae, F distribution, Probability , Correlation , Cluster Analysis , Factor Analysis, segmentation models.
  • Hypothesis Testing (z-test, t-test) using Excel, Understanding the Linear Programming tool using Excel (dealing with real life business problems), Selecting the appropriate law of probability to solve business problem, ANOVA, Two way annova, and One way boa.


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