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Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) Exam Prep Course

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Bloomberg Institute launched Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) in the year 2011. As it picks up momentum in the financial community and in universities across the globe, students and employers alike are gaining more and more interest. The best thing about the test is that top scorers profile directly reaches thousands of employers looking for candidates in the finance domain.

The BAT is a standardized exam designed to assess a student’s aptitude for various business practices needed to pursue a finance or business career. The test is only two hours long and consists of 100 multiple choice questions across eight sections.

Four sections focuses on general skills required in almost any business-centric role:

  • News Analysis – In this section, you are asked to read a series of brief passages on topics that impact the financial world and answer questions that assess your critical and inferential comprehension of the passage.
  • Economics – Here you are asked to analyze and interpret economic data, information, and situations. The topics include consumer behavior, firm behavior, market equilibrium, international relations, labor markets, banking systems, and global trade policies.
  • Math – The spectrum of difficulty levels in this section is broad. With such limited time for each question (72 seconds, to be exact) its focus is to assess your ability to solve problems quickly.
  • Analytical Reasoning – Here you are presented with hypothetical situations and asked to solve a series of problems that require deduction, logic, and creativity.

Four sections focus more on skills required to be proficient in a financial sector role:

  • Financial Statements Analysis – In this section, you are tested on your understanding of basic business principles, such as how a business calculates profit, measures its liquidity, and uses financial ratios to assess its performance.
  • Investment Banking – Here you are tested on your ability to apply the fundamental principles of financing and strategic advisory performed by an investment bank.
  • Global Markets – A general knowledge of current events and trends in the global financial markets helps in this section. You will be asked to analyze and interpret data in the context of activities and transactions that take place in financial markets. The topics include governmental activities, interest rates, currencies and foreign exchange, and asset pricing.
  • Chart and Graph Analysis – This one is fairly self-explanatory. In this section, you are given charts and graphs and asked to interpret the data.

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