Avoiding Usual Mistakes During Hiring

Imagine the cost to the company in terms of time and resources when you hire a person not suited to the job.  What are the things we can do to avoid hiring the wrong candidate.  Let us take a look at common mistakes we generally make.


  • Modest budget with high expectations – Spending constraints can make you settle for the cheapest hire, but that can lead to cost escalations if you have to get the work re-done several times just to get it right.  It is a better option instead to hire based on evaluation and appraisal of individual work collection.
  • Advertising vague job descriptions – Make sure your job description is complete and adequate rather than vague and incomplete to communicate effectively what are the services you need.  Fill out every part of the job posting and include your expectations such as completion date and availability of the professional. This increases the chance of you receiving quotes that are detailed and appropriate for the job you have in mind.
  • Over relying on feedback – Depending on feedback is one way to reduce mistakes, but that overlooks the possibilities of hiring a fresh hand.  Often the quality of work by a fresh hand costs less and is similar to the output by an experienced hire.  So do not rule out the option of hiring a fresh hand as long as they are able to provide you with samples of their work and their quotes.
  • Impulsive decisions – Often we give in to impulses and hire the first professional we come across with a decent record and unbelievable quotes.  This can prove to be costly and a money losing proposition if you have not searched for the perfect fit.  So take your time and get the right person for the job.
  • Taking chance with cultural and personality differences – Ensure that you can communicate with your hire appropriately and adequately so that your job is done the way you want it.  If there is a communication gap and they are unavailable when you need them, then things can get pretty much rough down the road.  Get your expectations defined and agreed on with a person you can easily communicate with.  That is half the job done.


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