Admission Support provide full admission assistance in the financial programs. All the assistance you need to get into the top notch universities of finance.

Here are our offerings:

  • Pre-MFE Support  – A masters degree in quantitative finance or financial engineering (MFE) concerns the application of mathematical methods to the solution of problems in financial economics. This degree aim to prepares students for roles as “quants” (quantitative analysts), including analysis, structuring, trading & investing, in particular emphasizing on provides complete Pre-Master of Financial Engineering Support:
    1. Support in application
    2. SOP/LOR
    3. University Selection
  • Pre-CQF Support – The Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) is a six-month part-time course designed for in-depth training for individuals working in, or intending to move into, derivatives, development, quantitative trading or risk management. The CQF is unique in its structured approach and commitment to the field of real-world quantitative finance. At all times the program’s focus is on practical implementation of techniques and on the questioning and analysis of models and methods.The global standard in quantitative finance, the CQF provides analysis of practical quantitative techniques important in today’s, and tomorrow’s, financial landscape.Thinking about CQF?Get an overview about questions, syllabus and get a companion course.
  • Research Publication Support – Research in Management domain globally shapes management practices by creating new frontiers and developing ethical, dependable, entrepreneurial, and socially sensitive leadership managers who are committed to excellence, and adopts superior public policies. It seeks to do this by producing risk-taking leader-managers who can pioneer new managerial practices and set new standards; by producing teachers and researchers who will generate new ideas of International significance. The key objective is to internationally promote competitive research to investigate the operation and development of management and economics in which they operate. We possess a group of professionals who are experts in various Management and related domains such as Human Resource, Banking & Finance, Marketing, International Business, E-Business, Economics and more.
  • Quantitative Investment -Pre Course Support –Quantitative investing represents an investing technique typically employed by the most sophisticated, technically advanced hedge funds. These firms employ fast computers to find predictable patterns within financial data. Some of the larger investment managers using quantitative investing include Renaissance Technologies’ Medallion Fund, AQR Capital, Winton Capital Management, D. E. Shaw & Co., Numerics, Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. LLC (GMO), First Quadrant, Robeco.Typically, quant investing is implemented by people who have spent time in the physics, math, computer science, or statistics disciplines. The condensed results of quantitative analyses, however, can be readily accessible to all far-from-quantitative investors, when presented in an intuitive framework.The process consists of thorough examination of vast databases searching for repeating patterns—persistent occurrences of a phenomenon, correlations among liquid assets (“statistical arbitrage” or “pairs trading”), or price-movement patterns.


Custom Video Solutions:

In yet another innovation to simplify things for our learners, has introduced the Custom Video Solutions Options. If a learner has some specific query but don’t have the time to come to live online class, then he/she can ask for custom video solution for the query. will make a video recording that will be uploaded to YouTube or given directly to the learner in mp4 format for there viewing. A learner can go through the recording as per there convenience. If still doubts exist, he/she can email us  anytime for clarifying them.

Here are some examples of custom video solutions provided by



Quant Finance Interviews Preparation

One-on-One Course for FRM Part II Exam

One on One Course on Reasoning for Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT)

One to One VBA for Financial Engineering and Modeling

One to One Bloomberg Assessment Test/Bloomberg Aptitude Test(BAT) Prep

One to One MATLAB Coaching for Financial Engineers & Analysts



Learn VBA for Financial Engineering and Modeling

Bloomberg Assessment Test / Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) Exam Prep

MATLAB for Financial Engineering and Modeling


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