All Playlists: Request Ad-hoc Learning believes in helping our learners/clients in every possible manner we can.

In this regard we offer ad-hoc or Project based learning to all our clients. We offer this service at $15-25 per hour of project.

These are the following areas where a client can bring specific areas to learn based on the Project he/she want to complete:

  1. VBA/Excel For Financial Engineering.
  2. MATLAB For Financial Engineering.
  3. Bloomberg Aptitude Test.
  4. R for Financial Engineering.
  5. CFA Level I & Level II.
  6. FRM Level I & Level II.
  7. CMT, CFT & Technical Analysis.

We are totally flexible according to the needs of our clients & ready to make any changes desired by them. Our timings for providing these training are according to the preferred timings of our clients.

Let us know in case of any queries.

 Now ask for as low as just one customized  session (1 hour) from at $20.


Custom Video Solutions:

In yet another innovation to simplify things for our learners, has introduced the Custom Video Solutions Options. If a learner has some specific query but don’t have the time to come to live online class, then he/she can ask for custom video solution for the query. will make a video recording that will be uploaded to YouTube or given directly to the learner in mp4 format for there viewing. A learner can go through the recording as per there convenience. If still doubts exist, he/she can email us  anytime for clarifying them.

Here are some examples of custom video solutions provided by



Quant Finance Interviews Preparation

One-on-One Course for FRM Part II Exam

One on One Course on Reasoning for Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT)

One to One VBA for Financial Engineering and Modeling

One to One Bloomberg Assessment Test/Bloomberg Aptitude Test(BAT) Prep

One to One MATLAB Coaching for Financial Engineers & Analysts



Learn VBA for Financial Engineering and Modeling

Bloomberg Assessment Test / Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) Exam Prep

MATLAB for Financial Engineering and Modeling


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Skype Id: qcfinancein

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