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We I connect you to the right tutors in NYC, just after you job for an hour, with the right content (so that your exhausted mind can grasp stuff), supported by an offshore team. Many of our learners take a session just after their job at Manhattan / NYC!

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Shivgan: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shivganjoshi/ shivgan@qcfinance.in

Piyush: https://www.linkedin.com/in/piyushl/ piyush@qcfinance.in

About Shubhangi:

I am Shubhangi from Hyderabad having six years of experience in the IT industry in the domain of BFSI(US Home loan mortgages, credit cards,investment banking).Having completed an executive program in applied Finance from a premier institute in India called IIM Calcutta,I am currently working as a freelancer in the field of quant finance in the sense that I take online classes on VBA, R, on various topics in quantitative finance like derivatives pricing, time series, bayesian modeling, econometric modeling, credit risk using logistic regression,ordinal and multivariate regression, technical analysis of stocks,accounting which includes business valuation,M &A, project finance,interest rate derivatives,trading strategies,financial time series,data visualisation etc,
I have a bachelors in engineering(Industrial Engineering and Management) as the base degree.

Who Are We?

Management & Founders

qcfinance.in differentiates itself from competitors through unique technical skills with sophisticated technology and latest methodology of system development as follows.

  • Excellent Track Recording in Confidentiality, accuracy and delivery.
  • Long term Sustainable value proposition.
  • Focusing on high quality service.
  • Tailored solutions.
  • Quality core competence and technology.
  • Customer focused Organization.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Experienced Innovative management.
  • Superior service levels.
  • Flexible pricing models



To be a product driven firm with an extremely strong IP in the financial analytics space, offering solutions that are simple, effective and innovative.



To employ and nurture a high quality workforce that helps us be among the best in financial analytics and associated technology solutions.


We wish to achieve:

  • Maximize throughput
  • Minimize production cost.
  • Improve customer satisfaction in Quality and STAT.
  • Significantly reduce overall turnaround time for claims processing.
  • Improved accuracy in handling claims.
  • Use of customized software for data Conversion.
  • Automated process control and management.
  • Quality and experienced manpower.



  • Tremendous Cost Advantage over Peers.
  • Dedicated team of individuals with extensive quant & research background.
  • Our research is seen at various research regularly at Conferences and Journals.
  • Providing support 24 *7* 365.


Why We?

  • Complete responsibility of the project is on us.
  • We make sure project is complete in due time.
  • Quality is ensured.
  • We don’t take more than 2-5 projects per month to ensure quality.
  • Person to do the job is chosen by our clients to ensure customer satisfaction & minimizing risks

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Quant Finance Interviews Preparation

One-on-One Course for FRM Part II Exam

One on One Course on Reasoning for Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) [Retired]

One to One VBA for Financial Engineering and Modeling

One to One Bloomberg Assessment Test/Bloomberg Aptitude Test(BAT) Prep

One to One MATLAB Coaching for Financial Engineers & Analysts

Learning Elementary MATLAB (One-to-one classes)



Learn VBA for Financial Engineering and Modeling

Bloomberg Assessment Test / Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) Exam Prep

MATLAB for Financial Engineering and Modeling



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