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Course Highlights:

  • Helps to crack BAT Exam that helps you to land a Top Interview.
  • Gives you knowledge about various certification exams like CFA,FRM etc.
  • Get knowledge about latest news & learn various topics of Finance.
  • You get access to recordings, tutorials, tests & LIVE classes.


Course Description:

This is a highly flexible and customized course for all individuals preparing for Bloomberg Assessment Test (BAT). This online course will focus on:

  • Sensitization on derivative, quant, fixed income, portfolio, VAR modelling.
  • Introduction to all features of Bloomberg Terminal.
  • Provide introduction about all profiles in Finance.
  • Right mix of data Analytical, Ethics, Finance concepts.
  • Examples with real data to enhance your IQ (US Municipal Bonds).
  • Under the applicability and use on Bloomberg or Reuters Websites (Introduction to tickers, RIC).
  • Real recent examples and real cases which are hot in the market.
  • New Interpretation, terminologies, and basic IQ for the subject covered.


This course also be helpful for FRM, CFA, and other Finance certification exams and prepares you for career advancement in financial analysis. You can prepare your strategy in terms of time management, right difficulty level, weight-age for topics and other important factors to maximize your score.This course would also be helpful for MBA Finance aspirants.

  • 25 recorded online classes of 20 hours (completed) – LIVE Classes to be scheduled as per convenience.
  • Course can be completed in 1- 2 months depending on how you structure your study.
  • 43 documents.
  • More than 300+ Test Questions.
  • Doubt clearing online classes.


To start with I will talk about things that are not in the CFA L1 and FRM L1 exams, which are:
  • Bloomberg terminal interpretation (Need to understand the screen).
  • Investment Banking questions (synergy,leverage buyout and IPO not covered in so much details in CFA).
  • News Interpretation of Bond Markets (names of US based bonds, in general credit risk is a famous area to understand yields and spreads).
  • Practical Questions on Financial Markets.
  • 30 questions on financial markets (Referring to FRM FMP) is the largest area.
  • 30% as per me observation of 2 files are from Equity (CFA level 1 and level 2).


Proposed Strategy:
    1. Go through CFA L1 Eco and FSA and link all questions to here.
    2. Go through a little bit of Foundation of Risk management of FRM exam.
    3. Go through E-books of B. terminal.
    4. Investment Banking Books and simple questions.
Eco, FSA, Equity and Corporate Finance CFA Level 1 & 2 should be the first step.
Important suggestions regarding strategy:
  1. Economics is one thing where you need to focus a lot, this subject is also tricky in CFA Level 1.
  2. Analytical reasoning is required especially for Quant ideas, I will revise the questions. Especially arranging things to specific heads and professionals. for these question you need to see the CAT or AIMCAT.
  3. Corporate valuation in equity 1 and 2.
  4. Economics and Investment banking are the most sought of and most loved subject hence they become high scoring. Also there are most taught at IIMs and investment management and finance markets are less taught.
  5. Do all what you know first.

Our 20 hours Course

Eight main points about the course:

  1. Highly flexible and tailored as per needs of individual.
  2. Sensitization on derivative, quant, fixed income, portfolio, VAR modelling.
  3. Gives introduction to all features of Bloomberg Terminal.
  4. Provide introduction about all profiles in Finance.
  5. Helpful for passing FRM, CFA, and other Finance certification exams.
  6. Prepares for career advancement in Financial Analysis.
  7. Right mix of data Analytical, Ethics, Finance concepts.
  8. Helpful for MBA Finance aspirants.


Course Structure:

Class No. Topic Hours
1 Strategy to take Bloomberg Assessment test (1 hrs)
2 & 3 FRA/Corporate/Equity Valuations/Ratios (4 hrs)
4 Investment Banking (2 hrs)
5 Bloomberg terminal (1 hrs)
6 & 7 Bond/Fixed Income Market/ Derivatives (4 hrs)
8 Economics revision/Federal Reserve (2 hrs)
9 Interpreting Market News (2 hrs)
10 Analytical Reasoning (2 hrs)
11 Revision / Extra session (2 hrs)

2 Days course format:

3 hrs session on day 1 as follows:

  • Strategy for exam taking, freebies by me, time bound gaming, exam score report card, etc 30 minutes
  • LR, Quant and Verbal (1 set of questions and strategy for each like geometry, prob, reading comprehension, critical reasoning, table making) 45 minutes hours
  • B-terminal RIC ticker data from Bloomberg, importing on excel, shortcuts, basic idea about terminals like Factset, capital IQ, etc 15 minutes
  • New of Financial Markets / Chart of the day / Importance of federal reserve and market direction / reading / / etc 15 minutes
  • FRM L2 Market / Credit risk soft introduction 15 minutes (can do away with)
  • Investment Banking 30 minutes (EV, EBITDA, transaction vs trading, rating effect on spreds, Share buy back, monte carlo, effect of p/e on acq, synergy, google taking motorolla, ipo facebook, etc more from Corporate Finance CFA L2)
  • Advanced Valuation specials on patents, sector specific adjustments, apple-apple comparison, FCFE, FCFF, projections, intuitive understanding of formula, computing CFO from various methods, etc 30 minutes (Equity CFA L2)

Day 2: 3hrs

  • Accounting (Merger, Inter corporate investments, etc)
  • Adv Equity (formulas understanding) like Residual income, Economic value added, etc
  • Adv economics (Economics for valuation, currency forwards, forward bias index, numerical)
  • Each Question of sample tests (1hours)
  • Financial Markets : All instruments questions, ad hoc questions (1 hours) / CDO/ MBS/ CDS / hedging using futures / call writing index / vol index / portfolio of comodity + equity + debt / US treasury rates interpretation
  • FRM Joker card one question each: Greeks (questions), Black Scholes (logical question), monte carlo (numerical), Value at Risk, normal distributions / Log Normal distributions / Yield curve (most imp) / beta query (beta dependency vs market dependency)
  • Mock exam for home (1 hrs paper for home)


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