1 on 1 MATLAB Course for Engineering, Humanities and Finance

1 on 1 MATLAB Course for Engineering, Humanities and Finance (mix of online and online course)

Core subjects of the course (5 classes):

  1. Sequence, formulas (Introduction to Programming. Operating and basic applications)
  2. The program flow control commands terms (if else)
  3. Loops (for, while, do while, switch case)
  4. Vectors, matrices, functions, arrays, cell arrays, indexing
  5. Graphics (charts, heading, heat maps, 2D & 3D charts)

After the core areas, based on your requirement you can choose between Electrical, Mechnical, business or other sub domains.

For example, Mech Engineering elective would have the below courses (5 classes):

  • Finding equivalent system of forces and moments.
  • Calculation of cable tensions planar structure.
  • Calculation of cable tensions spatial structure.
  • Calculation of forces complicating flat rods.
  • Calculation of spatial complicating rods forces.
  • Calculation of forces on the busy main buildings.
  • Moment of inertia. Calculation of the busiest buildings on forces deploying forces.



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